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Ethics for Design

12 designers and researchers discuss the impact, sometimes harmful, of design on our societies and the paths to follow for designers to work for the good of all and not just a few.

Watch the documentary here. Ethics for Design was meant to be interactive but the experience on smartphone would have been impractical. You can also consult the “About” and “informations” sections below to get to know the project.



  • Why?
  • Every day we use objects, services and applications designed by all kinds of designers. But does this mean that everything a designer conceives is done in our interest? Some interfaces are designed to get all of our attention and some products are designed to die prematurely. With this in mind, it becomes obvious that the design of any product can be a moral dilemma: designers must balance their own economic survival, the financial interest of the client and the well-being of the user.
    These dilemmas are a constant for designers and it is essential to create a space for reflection and to define an orientation for the profession which is currently incredibly sparse, i.e. to define an ethical code for design.
    It’s out of the question to leave the present and future generations of designers indifferent to the impact of their profession and to the value of their responsibility. That’s why we have made this documentary. The question of ethics must be raised now if we want designers to gain autonomy and relevance in the face of the real stakes of our societies.
    Ethics is a permanent questioning of what is desirable for the good of all and it is unthinkable that designers do not take their part in this questioning.

    For more information about the documentary please use this address: contact@ethicsfordesign.com.

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  • Interviewees
    • Alain Findeli
    • James Auger
    • Peter Bil’ak
    • Antoine Fenoglio
    • Flora Fischer
    • Sarah Gold
    • James Williams
    • Geoffrey Dorne
    • Thomas Schnur
    • Matthieu Cherubini
    • Laura Pandelle
    • Nicolas Nova
  • Code & Medium
  • All the development that Sylvain Julé made for the website and the player is open-source and available here.

    All the full interviews and photos made for the documentary will soon be available here.

    If you want to translate the documentary’s subtitles in your own language, the roadmap is to be found here. Once we’ve received your subtitles version we’ll check for mistakes and then integrate it into the player.

    Licence Creative CommonsThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

  • Budget
  • This documentary was produced entirely with 5402€ for 6 months. You can find the detailed budget here as an indication. It is not representative of the real wages for the work provided by the persons of the team, who chose to be paid less, or even not at all, in order to make the documentary happen.
    We hope that access to the documentary budget will help those who want to get involved by giving an idea of how to budget for this type of project.
    Moreover, as supporters of transparency, it seems important that all the figures are accessible so that you can better understand the conditions in which this documentary was produced.